There are many trends in wedding party presents. As of late, personalized bridal party gifts have become unique and thoughtful mementos. Engraving or embroidering the monogram of each individual wedding party member on a significant product is thoughtful and elegant. Popular wedding party gifts that can be personalized are spa gifts such as slippers, towels and a soft elegant bathrobe. Personalized groomsmen gifts can include lighters, cuff links, bar ware and cigar holders.

Watches, bracelets and other bridal jewelry also make nice, unique bridal party gifts that can be used for the ceremony and there after. Engraved silver frames with professional photos of the wedding are also a nice touch. Computer totes. Designed for storing and transporting laptop computers, these are always appreciated by business executives, office workers and college students. Computer totes make unique and memorable alternatives to traditional tote bags.

Totes are multi purpose and not only do individuals feel the need to own one but business owners, companies, retail outlets and supermarkets all have their very own version to not only give their clients and consumers a better way to carry things but to also promote their brand, their business and their company. You might also be looking for favors for other events, such as the engagement party and bridal shower. There are also many options for occasions like these.

If you have bridesmaids and groomsmen you also want to get them something special as appreciation for all the duties that they have to fulfill. Some excellent favors are scented candles, engraved pens, and custom tote bags. If you have a bit more money to spend and are looking to give your guests some really nice favors, there are also many items you can choose from. One of the most practical and beautiful favors are coffee sets that include the cups and the plates.

This is definitely a favor that your guests will continue using for years and can display in their home. These bags are primarily designed for holding laptop. They are popular among students and executives. They are a groovy option for distributing and are exclusive and outstanding. Basically boat style bags are similar to traditional bags. They have bottom and – side voiders, which can be further used for enlarging the bag. They can be used for carrying heavier and larger items.